Disabled notification on every project, still getting notification emails

I’ve disabled the very annoying emails in every project since there is not default setting for my account nor my organization. But I’m still getting these emails that builds are broken or success.

What else do I need to do?

Hi @martin.waury,

Sorry for the inconvenience.

May I ask:

  1. What kind of emails do you receive? Can you copy a sentence from the email?
  2. Where did you try to turn off these notifications?

As I said, I’m talking about the build status mails. Header is like “[PROJECT_NAME] - Build [success]”.

I’ve disabled in every project in the settings tab “Email notifications”, I’ve set both of them to “never send email”.

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At the bottom of those emails you can find a link to the related project on bitrise.io - are you sure that you get those emails from the app/project you disabled the emails for? Can it be that you disabled it in one project but not in another one and you get the emails from the other one?

The next time you get an email like this can you please click that link (You can turn it off in the Settings tab of your app’s page. where the app’s page is a link to the app on bitrise.io) at the bottom of the email and check if the email notifications are disabled there?