Email alerts only to the developer that broke the build

As of today the build problems are sent to the owner email, which not all developers has access to. Build alerts should be sent to the author of the commit / pull request that breakes the build so that he/she is notified immediately of the error and others are not spammed with irrelevant emails.

Build error emails are sent to every Developer and Admin who’s invited into the app/project on

Can that be the issue? That you’re not invited as Developer or Admin on Otherwise you should receive those emails :thinking:

In any case adding a “send only to involved parties” option could be really interesting - thanks for the #feature-request! :wink:

Thanks for that tip, that’s kind of better - although I would like to not spam the owner email too. The owner is often a boss that don’t need those technical details, so “only involved parties” sounds good! That will stop spam to a big team where only one of many needs the build problem notification too.

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I definitely agree, would love to see this myself :wink:

Would love to see this as well! Has there been any movement on this?

Not yet, but it seems this #feature-request is slowly gathering enough votes to be in the top 10 :wink: (But of course we have to deal with those first :slight_smile: )