More fine grained project watch notification settings


Description of the feature request

When pressing the “Watch” button in a project I want to define what events I want to receive:

  1. All (build finished/failed + files)
  2. Only failed builds
  3. Only builds
  4. (Only files)

Use case / for what or how I would use it

I am not the owner of a project, but the main developer of an app.
My end goal is to receive notifications only for failed builds. The setting in the project settings does not do anything for me. (This is either a bug or because I am not the owner)

Right now I can manually watch the project, but this will spam me with an email for every build and - more annoyingly - every file that is uploaded to bitrise (around 8, because it is a multiplatform app).




Are you referring to the build notification email that indicates if a build has failed or succeeded? If so, do you have your email notifications configured under the “Settings” tab? Not sure if this was what you were referring to or not. If so, what do you have this set to?




I am referring to this:

and my current notification settings are:


When I click the watch button, I still get everything, even every successful build and file.

I think when you start a new project and only change the “Email notifications” project settings everything works as defined in the project settings (second screenshot), but I assume that unwatching and rewatching the project breaks that.



Could you provide the link to your app page and enable support access?




Thanks. Can you provide an example of when you receive an email when you think you shouldn’t have? Sorry, but it is difficult to tell what might be happening for this kind of issue.

With the settings you have, you will always get an email when the build fails. But you should only get an email when the build succeeds if the build against the same branch failed before.



It is simple. Right now (after disabling the “Watching” button on the project, it was disabled in the past) I will not receive any mails, not even failed builds.
If I click the “Watching” button to enable it, I receive everything, meaning that a successful build leads so several mails because of the " is ready to install" mails for all the .apk and .ipa files.
The project settings seem to get ignored.
In another project in my organisation this works as expected (sending me mails about failed builds).

My guess is that the following would work

  • setup new Project

  • set mail settings to only on failed builds
    => everything should work
    while this will probably lead to a bug:

  • setup new Project

  • set mail settings to only on failed builds

  • unwatch the project via the button on the top right

  • ( =>no emails will get send)

  • reanable watching via the button on the top right
    => ALL mails are enabled, ignoring the project settings

I would like to point out again that I am not the project is part of an organization and I am just an admin for it, maybe that makes a difference.

Regardless of whether this is a bug or not, I would like to be able to have more fine-grained notification controls. (I also don’t need the " is ready for install!" mails)



I want to make sure that we are talking about the same thing. The emails that you receive - are they the notification emails that are sent saying if a build was successful or if it failed? Or are you talking about the public install emails that are sent from the deploy to step?



Well… both I think.

Since you mentioned it, I assume that I would need to remove the “Everyone” from the step configuration “Notify: User Roles” to avoid these mails :thinking:. So maybe the whole argument about the “files” mails could be resolved.

I just played around with another build and I think configuring the notify for the deploy step solves my issue.
I noticed that I actually did not received the successful build notification, so I think the project setting did work. Maybe it was a combination of the deploy to bitrise behavior in combinatio with using multiple branches and such when checking if I received any mails…

So actually this thread might be obsolete. I assume adding more settings to the watching button is not really feasible if every step can implement notifications by itself.



The “watch” button is more an overall gate for emails. Many people confuse the build emails that are controlled with the settings under the “Settings” tab, and the public install URLs that are controlled by step input to the Deploy to Step.

Hope this is a bit more clear now and you can successfully control email! If not, let us know.