Codesigndoc problems


I can easily archive + export i Xcode. I’m using my developer certificate to archive, and then I export for enterprise using the certificate for that.

However, since the codesigndoc only seems to do ‘archive’ it doesnt pick up the certificate I use to sign the export for enterprise.

Can I achieve this in any way?

Regards, David

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Absolutely! Just run codesigndoc and then upload any missing profiles you want to use.

In short, codesigndoc collects the required signing files for doing an Archive, but indeed it does not do an export. Instead it tries to find all the Prov Profiles with your project’s bundle ID, as well as the Certs related to the Team.

This is usually enough even for distribution, if you use a single Apple Dev Team. If you use a separate team for distribution then you just have to download the Prov Profile from the Apple Dev Portal and upload to, and if required the Certificate/.p12 (identity) too.

Maybe I should have phrased it as:

“Can I achieve this in any way using the codesigndoc?” I can’t get it to pick up what I do in Xcode when I export?

I guess the answer is no then?

If you use a single Team for both development and Deployment/Distribution then it should work. Otherwise you’ll have to upload the additional files, but only those which are related to the distribution type you set (e.g. if you set the Xcode Archive step to use app-store signing, you only have to upload the app store signing files, the base / required signing files are collected by codesigndoc. More info about “required” signing files here: )