No codesigndoc distribution certificatea


I’m trying to upload my certs by using the codesigndoc tool, which I’m running with the following command

bash -l -c "$(curl -sfL --scheme='my Scheme' --certs-only"

The issue is that it’s not detecting any distribution certificates

The Xcode archive used development certificate: iPhone Developer: Me (XXX) [1234].
Please select a distribution certificate:
Please select from the list:
(type in the option's number, then hit Enter) [1] : 

It errors out if I try and continue, with an invalid option response (if I just try to put in 1 or 0).

I already archived and exported the ipa manually, which I heard is sometimes needed.

Any suggestions are appriciated.

Thanks for reporting @mqln, we’ll look into this ASAP!