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Hi, I have the problem that just running codesigndoc and import everything is not enough to create an adhoc build with my distribution certificate. we have a newly created organization account and the provisioning is managed by Xcode 8.3. It only works when I import everything from codesigndoc and manually download the provisioning profile from apple developer and import it in bitrise. Is there a way to automate this tedious process with bitrise cli? I need to do that more often in the next days. So it would be cool to have an automated process…

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Which prov profile do you have to download from Apple Dev Portal? Do you use separate teams for dev & distribution?

Usually it’s enough to run codesigndoc once, and maybe add the additional prov profiles from Apple Dev Portal (which can be the case if you use separate teams for dev & distribution, in that case codesigndoc might not be able to find the distribution profile because it doesn’t know about it, as that’s only selected during distribution export).

Once you did this, and you have to update a Prov Profile you don’t have to run codesigndoc again, you just have to replace that one Prov Profile with the updated one.

OK thanks, that roughly answers my question :wink: It would be nice if codesigndoc would download all provisioning profiles available for a team. Now I must always download the distribution certificate manually. But it works :slight_smile:

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Definitely! We’re always thinking about enhancements, e.g. this one might also help:

If you want to feel free to create a #feature-request, might make it easier to communicate related changes at a single place.

Oh nice thank you :+1: Pro-Tip: I will try the code-signing tool from fastlane. Maybe this is able to export everything at once. And since this is open source as well, maybe you can learn something from it. Or maybe you can guide user to export everything using this tool, since it is highly maintained and used by others. Then you maybe can concentrate your resources on other tasks than the code signing part.


PS: :heart:️ Bitrise

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Fastlane’s match is definitely an option, but you have to adapt/change your project to use it.

It’s up to you which one you prefer. Our tools work with any kind of Xcode project but you have to generate the profiles manually on Apple Dev Portal, the fastlane tools can automate the generation but you have to maintain a separate code signing repository and make changes to your Xcode project.

We’d love that, but we can’t require users to adapt to a 3rd party tool. You’re of course free to do so, if that fits your use case better.

Oh thats a good point! Thank you! This feedback helped a lot :slight_smile:
Keep On Rocking :+1:

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Thanks, we definitely will - keep the feedback comin’, it helps tremendously!! :wink: