Add support for workflow description

Description of the feature request

Add support for creating and viewing workflow description.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

A job may have many workflow options. But choosing the right workflow requires long expressive workflow titles or sifting through its step list to determine what the workflow does. It would be great if I could save a short description of what the workflow is intended to do. This would allow other team members to quickly understand what each workflow does. It would also allow teams to identify restrictions on certain workflows. For example, I have workflow that is intended to only run when manually triggered (because for some reason it costs money or whatever). With a workflow description, I could specify something like, “Do not use this workflow in scheduled builds because xyz”.

Added a mockup:


Thanks for the infos @rolyatwilson & @bootstraponline!

Worth to note that you can actually specify description (even summary) for workflows, it’s fully supported by the bitrise.yml specs! Related docs & section: bitrise/ at master · bitrise-io/bitrise · GitHub

The description can be edited on the Workflow Editor UI as well.

That said the description right now is only visible in the Workflow Editor. Should we rephrase this #feature-request for the Build Trigger popup specifically? The one @bootstraponline created the mockup for.

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Yes, sounds good. I didn’t realize workflow description/summaries existed.

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