Add a description field to the workflow creation dialog

Description of the feature request

Add a description field to the workflow creation dialog.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

We have over a dozen workflows for our project. The name of the workflow just isn’t enough to know if a workflow is 1) still in use 2) why was it created 3) who created it 4) when was it created.

I’m sure at least half of our workflows were created to do some simple experimentation for different reasons. If there were some metadata associated with the workflow, it would give us the confidence to delete old, unused workflows.

If I could write a sentence or two when I name a workflow for the first time, it would help other devs on my team, or even myself a year or two from now, know the intent for creating the workflow.

Hello @dvshelley :wave:

Thanks for the feature request, it really does make sense to have this for convenience’s sake :slight_smile: