Visualize workflows and triggers

It would be great if Bitrise could show a simple overview / visualisation of the different workflows and triggers as an easy basis for team discussion on further setup / needs / configuration tweaks.

Hi @tormodt,

Could you please share a bit more details, or even better a couple of examples?

In the workflow editor you can get an overview of the workflows I believe - is that the place you’re referring to or on another page?

The workflow editor shows a nice overview of only that workflow, but my team would like a visualisation of all workflows and what triggers they have. See this image for a very quick mockup of what we would like a dynamical Bitrise view of:

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Got it, thanks for the mockup, I think it provides enough context/detail! :wink:

P.S.: don’t forget to vote on the #feature-request to bump its priority! :wink: