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When working with workflows that are run before and after each other, it would be nice to have simple overview.

It can get kinda messy very fast when you have a “advance” setup, with lots if “run before” and “run after”.

I’d suggest a graph or something to easily visualize it.

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We definitely agree, and we did a full revision on it in the new Offline Workflow Editor / Workflow Editor v2

We’re still working on making this new editor fully production ready, for now you can use it locally on your Mac/PC, but once declared production ready this will replace the editor on too!

Any feedback is much appreciated, in this case related to the “overview” capabilities :wink:

Sounds very nice! I’ve already tested it as well, but didnt notice it had this overview-featuer!

Well, it’s not an overview “feature” per se, as you don’t have to click anything, the UI was designed so that you can see the full workflow chain immediately.

Yeah, I noticed. Just tried out the new version 0.9.6. Btw, is there any way to find out the name of the workflow that was triggered?

You mean through an environment variable? BITRISE_TRIGGERED_WORKFLOW_ID -

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Thanks for the link. For me, the state that the workflow editor is in is good enough, you can easily which steps are part of a “sub”-workflow and get the “overview” of it. Nice!

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Great to hear, this was one of the main revision points we had for the new editor, as we rely more and more on workflow chaining (before_run and after_run) ourselves :wink:

btw if you have any feedback for the new workflow editor, please share it with us at Workflow Editor "v2" (Open Source & Offline Workflow Editor)

there’s still time to change things before releasing it on :wink:

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Absolutely! I just did :slight_smile:

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The new Workflow Editor is now available on - The New Workflow Editor is finally available on! - It seems that provides a solution for this #feature-request so I’ll set an auto-close/complete on it. If you’d disagree just let us know and we’ll keep it open @david.everlof.knowit!

And of course, thanks for your feedback! :wink:

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