Xcode 9 archive is failing

My workflow is not working since we upgrade the stack to xcode 9 and using the latest archive step 2.3.2

Archice step is failing to find a provision profile

Failed to find installed provisioning profile for bundle id: com.company.myapp.notification, export method: app-store

And the weird part is that I see the provision profiles listed below and the com.company.myapp.notification is present in the list.

The build id is: 33fce66a068293c6

This is an urgent issue, we need a solution ASAP.



Hey @hearst!

Working on the issue. :hammer: Thank you for the detailed report!



sorry for the issues with the Xcode Archive & Export for iOS step and thanks for all the reports, and lettings us test with your projects.

We released a new version (2.3.3) of Xcode Archive & Export for iOS step.


  • fixed scheme - application target mapping
  • fixed target - provisioning profile mapping
  • handle if archive used NON xcode managed profile
  • prefer archive team, if multiple code sign groups found

Please also update the Certificate and Profile Installer step to the new version: 1.9.1.

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Thank you a lot for the great work.
The problem was fixed and we are now able to build using xcode 9.


Awesome to hear @hearst, and sorry for the inconvenience!

Happy Building! :slight_smile:

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