Xcode Archive & Export for iOS Provisioner Profile Build Error

My builds are failing to sign my iOS app because it can’t find associated provisioner profile. I have it uploaded along with the certification. The error is:

error: No profile for team ‘2MS2MC73HM’ matching ‘Asure Mobile Distro’ found: Xcode couldn’t find any provisioning profiles matching ‘2MS2MC73HM/Asure Mobile Distro’. Install the profile (by dragging and dropping it onto Xcode’s dock item) or select a different one in the Signing & Capabilities tab of the target editor. (in target ‘Runner’ from project ‘Runner’)

When I run codesigndoc it returns a similar error. Is there another location I need to put the file? It archives fine from Xcode.

In the code signing section of my build configuration, I have both files uploaded. The provisioner file shows that the certificate file uploaded is included.


__Where did the issue happen?
During the Xcode Archive & Export for iOS build step.

Which build Step causes the issue and which version of the step?
Xcode Archive & Export for iOS 2.8.3

E.g.: Git Clone v3.6.0


  • Does a “Rebuild” help? (You can trigger a rebuild from the Build’s page, by clicking the “Rebuild” button in the top right corner of a finished build) : NO
  • Does a rebuild without caches help? (You can remove the Cache:Pull and Cache:Push steps temporarily to not to use the cache, or you can delete all the caches on the Settings tab of the app. : NO
  • Does the issue happen sporadically, or every time? :
  • Does upgrading the build Step to the latest version help? : YES/NO
  • When did the issue start? : Always been there.

Log emailed.

did you add the “auto iOS provisioning” step before “Xcode archive and export” step ?

Hey! Can you please advise if the issue is still present or not? I see you reference creating a support ticket too, but I can not find a ticket under your address.

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