Show more information in bitrise summary if sub workflow is triggered during the build


We started to use Bitrise Checks on Github. It works great but it doesn’t show enough information in the bitrise summary if there is a workflow called by bitrise-run.

For example:

If the build is failed, it would be nice to see which step is failed. Currently, it only shows that bitrise-run step is failed.

Is there any way to pass more information?

Thanks in advance.

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I recently migrated our repository from Bitbucket to Github, and this is something we would also like to see.

@bitce @viktorbenei Should this be a feature request?

Hi @dicksson.oliveira and @selcukkizilkaya !

Yes, this makes perfect sense, but fills more into the #feature-request category, so moved it there! But now, make sure to vote for it :slight_smile:


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