Updated SSL certificate for hooks.bitrise.io

The previous SSL certificate of hooks.bitrise.io (webhook server) will expire early next month, so we went ahead and updated it with a new one.

This should not cause any issues, but it seems it might in some rare cases.

If you’d see a build not triggering on GitHub.com, please check the Repository SettingsWebhooks → select the hooks.bitrise.io one → and search for the failed webhook in the Recent Deliveries list.

If you see a webhook with a Response:

We had a problem connecting to the server. The most common problem with these types of errors is a misconfigured SSL certificate. Try verifying your certificate chain.

Simply click Redeliver and it will work.

We still saw a couple of SSL verification errors like the one in the post and did some additional changes - if you’d still have this issue please let us know here, by leaving a comment!

We decided to roll back to the previous certificate for now, as we still saw random GitHub SSL certificate validation issues. We’re still checking what can cause the issue and contacted GitHub as well.

Certificate updated and the issue is fixed for GitHub.

What was the issue?

It seems that if you use a .crt certificate which does not include the whole certificate chain, most services can handle it perfecly, but GitHub will return random SSL certificate validation issues, like the one you can see in Updated SSL certificate for hooks.bitrise.io

The solution is to include the whole certificate chain in the .crt (of course).