Migration of old webhook endpoint

Following the previous announcement about 4 months ago (Deprecate the Old Webhook Endpoint) today we turned off the old, deprecated webhook endpoint.

If your builds stopped triggering today please make sure that the webhook URL you use on GitHub/Bitbucket is the new hooks.bitrise.io/h/ (the one you can see on your app’s Code tab), and not the old, now removed bitrise.io/hooks!

If you’d find a bitrise.io/hook/ URL as the webhook on your GitHub / Bitbucket, please replace the URL with the one you can find on your app’s Code tab on bitrise.io . No other changes required, only the URL have to be changed.


  1. Open the repository on GitHub/Bitbucket
  2. Locate the webhook settings of the repository (guide: GitHub / Bitbucket)
  3. Open the related app on bitrise.io
  4. Go to the Code tab
  5. Copy the Webhook URL
  6. Paste it to GitHub / Bitbucket as the Webhook URL

That’s all, no other configuration have to be changed!

P.S.: you can find our Webhook Troubleshooting docs at http://devcenter.bitrise.io/webhooks/troubleshooting/ . If your webhook still has the old deprecated (now disabled) endpoint the response in the GitHub / Bitbucket webhook history will be something like: {"status":"error","message":"This endpoint is no longer available, please use https://hooks.bitrise.io/h/github/X/Y instead","slug":"...","service":"github"} . You can simply replace the webhook URL with the one included in the error message, that’s the same one which you can see on the Code tab of the app.

As always, if you have any questions just let us know!
Happy Building! :slight_smile: