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I just enabled a bitbucket web hook (following these directions: and noticed that every time I edit the description or summary on a pull request another build to test the branch is started.

I feel that this is unnecessary. Only code change should trigger.

I’d like to create feature branch builds for PRs but I don’t want to do that if each text change in the PR would trigger.

Here is a payload of an update webhook from Bitbucket:

I think that Bitrise should be filtering for source updates.



Hi @bdaniels!

Just to confirm, is this the behaviour that you’re experiencing regardless of what events you selected the webhooks to be sending? You should be able to filter for specific events there:



I’ve left the settings as described in the Bitrise document for setting up the web hook. I need to know when a PR is updated, or created. I also need to know when a branch is pushed. I only really care about the source update though. According to the payload documentation, it sounds like Bitrise may only want to be checking for the source update in order to trigger a build.


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