Unable to Upload Provisioning Profile

Hi, I’m trying to upload an iOS provisioning profile in the Code Signing tab. After I select the file to upload, the following error message is displayed:

Error uploading file to storage.

Advice or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Hi @thirstywork,

Could you please copy paste the app’s URL from bitrise.io and enable Support Access on the Settings tab of the app? We’ll look into it ASAP!

Hey @viktorbenei, thanks for your reply. Have enabled support access for the app.

Thanks again!

Hi @thirstywork,

Checked your app but could not reproduce the issue.

Did you try to upload from another browser? Maybe from a private/incognito window?

I see you managed to upload a Certificate - so the issue only happens for you if you try to upload a Provisioning Profile?

Hey @viktorbenei, yes certificate uploaded fine in Chrome. Switched to Safari and the provisioning profile uploaded as well. Switched back to Chrome, disabled my ad-blocker, and now I can upload profiles from Chrome too. So, all good now.

Thank you for your help with this - much appreciated!

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Glad to hear that helped :slight_smile:

It’s quite strange why you could upload the Cert but not the Prov Profile, as technically these are handled almost the same / are uploaded the same way.

We’ll definitely try to dig into this and debug why it failed!
Happy Building! :slight_smile: