Unable to install app from Bitrise onto iOS emulator

  1. Using iOS emulator (fails on any version I’ve used so far)
  2. Go to a Bitrise app download page i.e. www.bitrise.io/artifact/00000
  3. Select Install
  4. Click OK on the ‘Notice’ overlay dialog
  5. Click Install when prompted by the iOS system alert that asks: ‘www.bitrise.io would like to install ‘myApp’’
  6. Go to home screen on emulator

App is installed on emulator

No app installed

Hi @snowicki,

Can you please copy paste the related build’s or artifact’s bitrise.io URL?


Are you sure @snowicki that it should be possible to install a .ipa in the simulator? I asked around as I never tried this, and we think you can’t install a iOS Device signed .ipa in an iOS Simulator, only emulator builds (.app) can be.

Did you try to install a .ipa in the simulator before?

no. i wasn’t aware of that. cheers.

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