App can't be installed on this device

One of our team members is not able to do the OTA installation of a bitrise build and seeing this message. The rest of us are able to install though. Here is a screenshot of the message she was seeing.

What should be done in this case?


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Hi @bitrise.kiwiup ,

When you see the “Device was not found in the allowed test devices list” message there, it means that the device was not added to the Provisioning Profile this build was signed with.

The fix is:

  1. Add the device to the Provisioning Profile on the Apple Developer portal
  2. Download the new / updated Provisioning Profile (from Apple Dev portal)
  3. Replace the previous Provisioning Profile on with the new/updated one
  4. Start a new build (you can simply click “rebuild” on the already finished build’s page)

That’s all, the new build will use the updated Provisioning Profile, and once it finishes the generated IPA will now be signed with the Prov Profile which allows the app to be installed on the new test device.

If you have any questions just let us know!

Sure. We are going to try doing now. But we were able to install the builds on many other devices which aren’t added to Apple Developer Portal before. How is this different from the rest of the devices?

Do you use an Enterprise apple account / code signing? Because in every other case (except Enterprise) you have to include every device UUID in the signing files, or else iOS itself will reject to install the app.

My best guess is that the other devices were already registered in the provisioning profile, or that you use an Enterprise account.

If you use an Enterprise account that changes everything, in that case you should check the iOS device logs why an install fails. But in your case, based on the screenshot you sent, the app was not signed with an Enterprise profile (otherwise you would not get the message “not found in the allowed test devices list”, which is read from the app’s code signing infos).

Bumping this topic because we have been running into this issue quite a bit.

Followed the steps in this guide (which helped us create an updated provisioning profile correctly, so that’s the good part) - however the devices still encountered the message.

For one of them I ended up just going with a direct Xcode install, and one of the messages I encountered was that the device wasn’t registered on the developer portal. This isn’t correct as far as I can tell, - the device is listed with its UDID on the dev portal, and is now added in the provisioning profile too.

Do we also need to delete the bitrise profile from device and repeat the on boarding process, or are there any other steps that we could try looking at?

Hello there @Alexei ! I encountered a similar issue in the past, when someone added the UDIDs but there is a form where you have to check them after that, until then it does not refresh the profile.