Can you upload an ipa that was built locally for use in a Bitrise distribution?


We are looking to make a Bitrise build available for internal use at our organization however we are still figuring out how to make Bitrise work reliably. For the time being we are curious if we can have a developer create an archive build and upload that to Bitrise instead of going through the Bitrise build process

Hello there @arigronning :wave:

Are you saying you’d like to have a complete build from a local machine uploaded as a build to your app builds? Although there is no direct option for that, TECHNICALLY you could create a build which receives an artifact from an API call, and deploy that at the end of the workflow.

You can also upload the artifact to various sources like an S3 bucket, or the Generic File Storage, located in the Code Signing tab. You can download these to the Virtual Machine that is running during a build, and then deploy that at the end of the build. :slight_smile:

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