Turning off auto watching of apps by default


Right now, whenever we add a new app it automatically adds us as a watcher to that app. Is there an organisation wide setting that allows us to turn this off? It’s annoying to have to unwatch every new app we add. Thanks!



Hi @adamapplab,

Thanks for asking this here!

Unfortunately there is no option for this right now.

Is there an organisation wide setting that allows us to turn this off?

I wonder if this should rather be a personal preference/option, instead of an Organization one?
I guess there’s use case for both, but IMO a personal “don’t watch new apps I’m invited into” option would be better, as that could cover non org apps as well.

What do you think?



Note: I moved your question to be a #feature-request, I hope you don’t mind - feel free to vote on it to bump its priority! :wink:



You’re right. Having it as a user based option is a much better solution!

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Got it, created an internal card for this too, we’ll discuss it as soon as possible.

In the meantime, to bump its priority feel free to vote on this #feature-request!

Thanks again for creating this discussion thread @adamapplab, and let us know if you’d have any questions! :slight_smile:



This is quite annoying for bigger organizations with new repos being added to Bitrise often. @viktorbenei have you had a chance to discuss this internally?



Hi there!

I wanted to let you know that this is something that we have been discussing for quite some time now, and have plans to implement this. We already have designs and a refined flow for this, which, although I can’t give an exact ETA at this moment, should not be long now :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Roland-Bak, looking forward to testing it!



Hi @Roland-Bak!
Are there any news regarding this feature request? It really is quite annoying :cry:

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@viktorbenei @Roland-Bak has there been any movement on this feature?



We’ll make sure to let you know here if there is!