Turning off auto watching of apps by default

Right now, whenever we add a new app it automatically adds us as a watcher to that app. Is there an organisation wide setting that allows us to turn this off? It’s annoying to have to unwatch every new app we add. Thanks!

Hi @adamapplab,

Thanks for asking this here!

Unfortunately there is no option for this right now.

Is there an organisation wide setting that allows us to turn this off?

I wonder if this should rather be a personal preference/option, instead of an Organization one?
I guess there’s use case for both, but IMO a personal “don’t watch new apps I’m invited into” option would be better, as that could cover non org apps as well.

What do you think?

Note: I moved your question to be a #feature-request, I hope you don’t mind - feel free to vote on it to bump its priority! :wink:

You’re right. Having it as a user based option is a much better solution!

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Got it, created an internal card for this too, we’ll discuss it as soon as possible.

In the meantime, to bump its priority feel free to vote on this #feature-request!

Thanks again for creating this discussion thread @adamapplab, and let us know if you’d have any questions! :slight_smile:

This is quite annoying for bigger organizations with new repos being added to Bitrise often. @viktorbenei have you had a chance to discuss this internally?


Hi there!

I wanted to let you know that this is something that we have been discussing for quite some time now, and have plans to implement this. We already have designs and a refined flow for this, which, although I can’t give an exact ETA at this moment, should not be long now :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Roland-Bak, looking forward to testing it!

Hi @Roland-Bak!
Are there any news regarding this feature request? It really is quite annoying :cry:

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@viktorbenei @Roland-Bak has there been any movement on this feature?

We’ll make sure to let you know here if there is!

Hey @bitce, this is still an annoying papercut for us and we would love to have this feature. I’m hoping you guys/gals had some time to work on it.

Hi @reisub!

This change actually happened a while ago! At the moment, new members added to the app do not watch an app by default (except for owners when they create the app.)

@bitce that’s good to hear. Is there a way to not watch new app s for existing users?

Hi @reisub, at the moment there is still no way to globally turn off all notification. The only way to not watch an app you are already watching is by manually pressing the button to unwatch it.

I understand, then I still have the same issue with auto-watching every new repository added to Bitrise. Please update this thread once you add a way to globally disable auto-watching for a user.

Yes please! An option to turn off auto-watch for newly added repos would be great, making it opt-in would be even better still. Those with many repos across multiple teams (your biggest users!) are the ones getting hammered by the noise auto-watch generates.

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I’m keen on this too! We add apps frequently and don’t want the owner inbox to fill up with build notifications.

Hey everyone!

Since this behaviour is the default now, I’ll close this topic.

Of course, I recognize you’ve expressed that you would like this to be the default for ALL users, whereas currently the owner (the person adding the project) is watching the app by default, everyone else has to opt-in.

I agree that there should more control over this, but maybe this request: Disable build notifications via user profile toggle is a better overall solution, than to default to no one getting any e-mails, can foresee that causing problems too.