Add option to skip `Add new App` setup wizard


We use bitrise with a privately hosted Bitbucket server that is reachable via VPN. Adding a new App to bitrise is a challenge for us, as we have to create the app with some public github repository, make sure we get past all the validations, scans, builds, etc, and once we have the App created, we have to rename and reconfigure everything with our actual data.

While the wizard works as intended for OSS, it makes the whole add a new app experience quite cumbersome for our workflow.

It would be nice if you could provide an option to create a new app directly, skipping the wizard, then we could add our links, secrets, ssh keys, and environment variables as needed before triggering the first build.

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Hey @davidmedenjak!

I’ve moved your post to the feature request section, as it is not an exact issue with the website. However I agree with you, sometimes it would be handy to just create an app. :slight_smile:

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Agreed. We have the same problem. Slightly different use case though.

We’ve been a customer for quite a while now (a couple years) and have actually moved everything over to Bitrise (not just our mobile projects). We found Bitrise was the fastest, most reliable and most customizable dockerized build system. Kudos!

It would be super awesome if we could create a new app and bypass the validation check. For example, just pick a Github repo and upload a bitrise.yml file (possibly a docker image - pre-selected to Ubuntu) and :boom: we’re up and rolling. Right now creating a new app every time is pretty tedious and we have lots of smaller repos where our Bitrise files are the exact same.

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I agree it’d be amazing to skip the wizard completely. Recently the add an app feature broke and we couldn’t add apps.



I would really love to see this as well, right now the initial setup is really cumbersome.

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+1 Are there metrics on what users would actually like to see here?

My feelings are that a significant number of paying users would prefer to have no setup wizard and would prefer to setup their apps manually. We have a number of apps and a number of variants for each one. Using the wizard has been quite cumbersome and presents security complications for us (a valid ssh key is required - we use short-lived access tokens for access instead).



+1 for this feature request

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That’s a fair question!

I do want to mention that it is currently possible the register apps via the API, please see:

And we’re working on a solution for doing this through the CLI, but direction is always helpful, I don’t think we were thinking of implement a different solution other than SSH key type authentication, but now I can see why we should consider this!

So if anyone else has any suggestions or ideas regarding this, please do not hesitate to share!

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I suggest just giving user the option to skip steps during app setup. Similar to Firebase’s Add a new app flow.

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I see that there is now a “Skip and configure manually” option after waiting for the configuration to fail, but this seems to just restart the configuration as well… So I don’t know what this is supposed to do.

Our setup is still really cumbersome. I add some random GitHub project and wait for the automatic wizard configuration to finish only to delete everything and start from scratch once the project is finally created and I can do so.

The wizard should allow to skip the whole configuration/automatic detection step. It won’t ever work since our git is only accessible via VPN.

It should just create the app and allow me to setup the workflow manually.