Disable App/Project

From now the owner(s) and admin(s) can disable apps. :rocket:

This can be useful if you don’t want to remove the app, but you (temporarily) don’t want the app to use build resources / the owner’s concurrencies (or in case of free plan the owner’s build limits).

If you want to disable your app you have to navigate to the settings tab of the app and click on the toggle button:

Before disabling the app you have to confirm your action:

If the app is disabled you and your team members will not be able to start or schedule builds and you will see a warning notice in navigation bar of your app:

The owner(s) of the app will get an e-mail that their app has been disabled:

We will also disable “ghost/abandoned” projects automatically, if our system detects that the app is no longer used, to reserve more resources for those who actively use our system. You can of course always re-enable the app if you want to or if our system flags it as abandoned but in reality you just didn’t have the time to fix something! Note: paid apps will never be disabled automatically, only if you click the disable button manually.
The owner(s) of the app will get an e-mail in this case too, with a little bit different text:

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