Be able to see all apps I am watching


Is there currently a way to see a list of all apps that I’m currently watching? If not, could this be a feature request?

Thank you!

Hi @terencey :wave:

What would you like to see in the list? Just the list of apps, or the builds of those apps as well?

If you’d have this feature how would you use it?

P.S. don’t forget to vote on your feature request :slight_smile:

Hi Victor,

Thanks for following up. I’d like to just see the list of apps.

The reason is we have teams, and when we add a new project, we tend to add the team to it, but some people don’t want to be automatically added to watch the project and receive updates for it.

So it’d be nice if there was an easy way for individual users to see their list of watched apps and toggle them on/off.

Got it. So this would be a list where you could manage which apps you’re watching.

I’m thinking, this could also be a filter on the dashboard, to just show the apps you’re watching/not watching :thinking: What do you think?

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That’d be great as well.

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