Trigger stages with some delay

Summary of the feature request or feedback

We want to run stages automatically, but after some delay. Similar to Run stages/workflows manually, but that’s improvement that will allow us to not have to trigger stages by hand.

Details of the use-case

Our use case is to handle rollout of multiple Android applications. We consider using Build Pipelines for it. We want to have stages like internal (with workflows that upload the app to the internal test track), then alpha (with workflows that promote from internal test track to alpha track), alpha-to-production-1% (promote from alpha to production, staged rollout at 1%), production-5% (update staged rollout to 5%) etc.

Currently next stage in build pipeline is triggered automatically if previous stage is completed. What we look for is to trigger some stages automatically - e.g. if we are at 1% of staged rollout, we want to update the rollout automatically after 24h to 5%. Also, we want to be able to cancel that scheduled stage if we encounter any issue, and resume the pipeline if we solve it and we can proceed with the rollout without any updates to the application.

This is something which we currently have implemented in Gitlab CI/CD by using

when: delayed
start_in: 1 day

Hey @mlewandowskipt! Thanks for the suggestion! I will log this internally and we will consider this in our next round of improvements to Pipelines.

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