Ship: Android staged rollout

Description of the feature request

We want to be able to control Android app’s staged rollout via Ship.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

Our release flow is as follows:

  1. Upload the app to internal test track
  2. Perform some manual testing
  3. Publish the app to Google Play at 1% of staged rollout
  4. After 24h, promote to 5%
  5. Then promote to 10%, 20%, …, 100% in next days
  6. If anything, halt staged rollout and either resume it after some time without any changes, or ditch the broken version and prepare new release.

AFAIK currently in Ship we can only upload the app to the selected test track (e.g. internal) and that’s end of the journey in Bitrise. We want to be able to control the rollout (increase the staged rollout percentage value) internally in Bitrise to not have to switch to Play Console. Also, what we’re looking for is to automatically update staged rollout percentage without developer’s action (e.g. promote from 1% to 5% after 24h) and to be able to halt such rollout.