Approval action step in build where we want the pipeline execution to stop so that someone with the required Access can approve or reject the action

In CI Pipeline, we can add an approval action to a stage in a pipeline at the point where we want the pipeline execution to stop so that someone with the required Identity and Access Management permissions can approve or reject the action.
If the action is approved, the pipeline execution resumes. If the action is rejected—or if no one approves or rejects the action within a day of the pipeline reaching the action and stopping—the result is the same as an action failing, and the pipeline execution does not continue.

might be useful for manual approvals for these reasons:

  • we want someone to perform a code review or change management review before a revision is allowed into the next stage of a pipeline.
  • we want someone to perform manual quality assurance testing on the latest version of an application, or to confirm the integrity of a build artifact before it is released.
  • we want someone to review the new or updated text before it is published to the App store.

Thanks for the #feature-request here as well @vaibhavw! :wink:

It’s very detailed, I like it! Although I kind of wonder if the title could be summed up in a shorter way :sweat_smile:

Needed Approval Step in Pipeline as well. May I know ETA for this?

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there is no ETA on this yet.

Hey @fehersanyi-bitrise, It will be good if you take it on priority.

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Manual approval is available for pull requests: Approving Pull Request builds | Bitrise DevCenter

I also need this kind of step.
My requirement is to set up a workflow for git tags with deployment first to Firebase Distribution, then Play Store Internal track. Then promote to test tracks and finally to production.
All of them I want to run in the same pipeline for eq. tag 0.4.0.
I can use chained workflows to not run it on the same VM and release the VM, where app was built.
But anyway, I do not see any way to control when to run next steps.