Programmatically schedule a one-time build / delayed start

Description of the feature request

Trigger a build that will be executed a configurable period later. Let’s call them ‘delayed builds’.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

I am investigating the possibility to start a workflow after another workflow, but with a delay of like an hour. The reason for this is to sync dSYM symbols from AppStore Connect of a bitcode enabled app to a crashreporter. Unfortunately AppStore connect generates those dSYM files async so it can’t be part of the build & distribute workflow since that will be finished long before the dSYMs become available.

My usecase is that I want to manually spread a batch of builds so that they dont clog up the queue right now. For example if I have 20 jobs to queue up, I want them to be able to schedule 4 of them so they will only enter the queue at the end of each 30 minutes. Preferably this can also be triggered using the curl endpoint.

12:30AM - schedule App1 , App2, App3 , App4 builds
01:00AM - schedule App5, App6, App7, App8 builds
01:30AM - …
02:00AM - …
02:30AM- schedule App17, App18, App19, App20 builds

Hello! Thanks for the suggestions! I will pass these feature requests to our productboard to review and evaluate.


I have the exactly same use case. Since this feature is still missing, for now i’m thinking to use the manual schedule to setup dSYM upload on a weekly basis.

We have the exact same use case with the dsym files and putting the app under review. Moreover, with the incoming change in the pricing module (by execution time instead of concurrency) having a job waiting for the Appsotre processing makes no sense.

Can we somehow schedule some job to be run some time (2h for example) after another workflow finishes?

Same thing requested here Allow a workflow to schedule another workflow