Programmatically schedule a one-time build / delayed start


Description of the feature request

Trigger a build that will be executed a configurable period later. Let’s call them ‘delayed builds’.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

I am investigating the possibility to start a workflow after another workflow, but with a delay of like an hour. The reason for this is to sync dSYM symbols from AppStore Connect of a bitcode enabled app to a crashreporter. Unfortunately AppStore connect generates those dSYM files async so it can’t be part of the build & distribute workflow since that will be finished long before the dSYMs become available.



My usecase is that I want to manually spread a batch of builds so that they dont clog up the queue right now. For example if I have 20 jobs to queue up, I want them to be able to schedule 4 of them so they will only enter the queue at the end of each 30 minutes. Preferably this can also be triggered using the curl endpoint.

12:30AM - schedule App1 , App2, App3 , App4 builds
01:00AM - schedule App5, App6, App7, App8 builds
01:30AM - …
02:00AM - …
02:30AM- schedule App17, App18, App19, App20 builds



Hello! Thanks for the suggestions! I will pass these feature requests to our productboard to review and evaluate.




I have the exactly same use case. Since this feature is still missing, for now i’m thinking to use the manual schedule to setup dSYM upload on a weekly basis.