The iOS App Store upload build times out after 2700 seconds

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Description of the issue

The iOS App Store upload build times out after 2700 seconds.
(Abort via Bitrise DEN (timeout))


Where did the issue happen?


Which build Step causes the issue and which version of the step?

id: deploy-to-itunesconnect-deliver
version: 2.17.0


  • It can be reproduced by trying to build again our latest build.

Build log

Hi there @guvenatsixtostart!
Could you enable Support Access on the Settings tab of the app (, so that we may take a closer look?

Done, just enabled the Support Access!

Hello @Roland-Bak, do you have any updates on this one? It again happened with our latest build.

Hi @guvenatsixtostart,

Sorry for the delay on this! Unfortunately, we could not find anything that would indicate this to be a problem in Bitrise. We do not have access to your git history to do proper investigations in these situations, but builds on your testflight branch seem to take over 40 minutes on average, so whenever it does time out we do suspect it’s because of the committed changes increasing the build time.

Hello @bitce,

Is there a hard 40 minutes limit that we are hitting? Also, if you look at the steps again you will see that the build is completed; it is the upload that is timing out.

We have to resolve this otherwise we won’t be able to do any app releases. Is there anything I can do to help you with the investigation?


The limit for your plan is 45 minutes, I am aware but the upload is what times out, since that’s the last step of the build. You may try using Ship instead of uploading during build, you can find out about here:

Thank you @bitce for lettings us know about the Ship alternative.

I went ahead and set it up for our app. Things look good but there is one last thing: The build details indicate that You need to setup publishing at the Settings page. I have already setup all the available options in the Ship Settings page.

I don’t see any publishing related settings in Ship. Am I missing something?


I am closing this ticket as I understood why the timeout was happening. Will open a new ticket for the Ship add on issues.

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