Build aborts at archiving step due to timeout

Bitrise aborts ios builds due to “Timeout after 600 seconds” during archiving step. This happened from 1 day to the next without significant code changes. Has anyone had this issue?

Failing step: archive

  • _Does a “Rebuild” help? NO
  • _Does a rebuild without caches help? NO
  • _Does the issue happen sporadically, or every time? Everytime
  • When did the issue start? Today

This issue seems similar to what would happen due to this issue a few days ago:
Identified - Currently our Mac infrastructure is suffering from an ongoing network issue. This causes builds not to be able to start on both the Xcode and Hybrid stacks. Our Infra team has identified the issue and is working on deploying a fix as soon as possible!

Hi @lukasschulte!

Based on this information alone we don’t think this would be a major issue. I’ve replied to your support thread too but I’ve noticed that you have an Organization subscription, so I suspect you might want to build an app that is owned by this Organization, since that allows you for a 90 minute build time.

Your personal account is on a free plan where a 10 minute build time is the available resource.

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