Build aborts at running scripts from flutter deployment for iOS step due to timeout

Bitrise aborts ios builds due to “Timeout after 2700 seconds” during running ‘[CP] Check Pods Manifest.lock’ and ‘Run Script’. This has happened since updated dependencies on flutter pubyaml and not sure if the cocoapods is involved on this issue because i have had issues updating it to the current version.


This is on flutter but focusing on the iOS aspect.

Where did the issue happen?
This occurs while running scripts after countless dependencies are compiling and then it halts after running the last compile. Not sure if its because of the number of dependencies and also there is no error when it fails. This makes it hard to know why it failed

Let me know if i need to add the file

Hi @eogah! Sorry to hear about the issue. Can you please enable Support Access and provide us a link to your app, so we can investigate the behaviour?


Support access has been enabled and here is the link to the project:
link to app:

Thanks @eogah! Have you seen the machine actually hanging and standing still? Based on the logs of the builds on this workflow it seems that the project simply takes too much time to compile for the 45 minute limit.

The project takes longer than usual, before this deployment it took 20 minutes or so to deploy and lots of features have not been added to it so its awkward that it takes this long, i figure maybe there might be an issue that makes the deployment last this long

I see! Can you point us to what would be the usual performance of these builds? We’re not entirely sure what to compare the current one too, because these builds seem to have been failing for a while.

The difficulty in addressing the problem is that there is no clear indication of this being a problem in Bitrise, and we have no access to your repository events, so there’s no way for us to properly investigate. Have you made sure there weren’t any commit that would cause this behaviour?

If so, please do a local build using the CLI that does take significantly shorter and send those logs our way.


This was the last successful build “” how can i grant you access to our repo. i was considering putting it on a container and running with that

@eogah, I see, thanks!

This being almost a year ago, we have to suspect there were a lot of changes in the code since. I don’t mean to imply to give us direct access to your repo, I meant to ask if you can open-source the project so we can try to recreate this.

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