Rolling builds shouldn't report failure

Description of the feature request

Rolling builds are reporting failure on GitHub commits that are skipped. Skipped builds shouldn’t be reported. Failure is different from not running a build.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

I would use it to accurately view the build status from GitHub.


Unfortunately it’s not possible to “un-report” status if the build is already started - if you reported a status for the commit. Once a status is reported on github you can’t delete that status.

So we either report a finished status (error/success) or the commit status will get “stuck” in “in-progress”.

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Github has no skipped status? :frowning:

It’d be nice to disable reporting entirely then.

Fixed by going into the Team tab and setting the Service credential User to none.

That’s indeed a solution, although that means no status reporting at all, as well as no other features which require the Bitrise <-> GitHub connection like monorepo filtering or auto registering webhooks.

Checking the screenshot you shared again I see it’s for the master branch, not for PRs list.

If you’re concerned about commit build statuses (not PR list statuses) then a solution might be to disable Rolling Builds for pushes, but keep it enabled for PR builds. Would that work?

In this case the build job is building a Docker image that takes 40m+. We only ever want to build the latest commit. As a result, rolling builds is necessary. If rolling builds were disabled then all the capacity would be spent building commits that are not needed.

It’d be nice if rolling builds integrated better with GitHub. Red Xs on each commit isn’t ideal. For now disabling the service user works.