Option to ignore aborted bitrise builds to be pushed to bitbucket (git providers)

Description of the feature request

Bitbucket pull request are flagged as failed for aborted bitrise builds.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

I would like to ignore aborted bitrise builds to be send to bitbucket and mark PR’s as failed.

It’s already possible, using the Abort API and specifying the abort_with_success option. You can call this during the build from any script if you want to “stop” the build without marking it as failed.

Is this a suitable solution for your use case?

We are not using the bitrise API atm.
What if I hit the Abort button on the bitrise build page?

The abort_with_success option is only available via the API right now.

What’s the use case for aborting from the web UI with success? Just curious :wink:

Sure thing.

We noticed it when we were playing around with different set ups for PR triggers.
What happened was that when we created a PR it triggered two builds. So we aborted one and that got through to bitbucket as failed.

We still do abort builds manually right now because of max. concurrent build resources we have set up.
Further, we have “ENABLE ROLLING BUILDS” enabled. I guess that would abort a current build and send the status through.

Indeed, but in both cases a new build should update the PR’s status eventually, right? Reporting success for these aborted builds would be misleading IMO… what do you think?

For us is misleading that a build gets marked as failed when it was aborted.
Aborted does not mean it has failed to us.

@mvalkovic as far as I know there’s no specific status option for “aborted” status unfortunately, so we can only report success or failed. If we don’t report either (if we don’t report anything at the end of the build) then the status will get stuck in “running”.

Related docs: https://developer.atlassian.com/server/bitbucket/how-tos/updating-build-status-for-commits/