Shows build result on wrong commit

Hi, there is one pull request on our repo and have 3 commits in it, when i see build reports (statuses) of each commit, 2 passed and 1 failed. But the one that should have failed is marked as passed and one that should have passed is marked as failed. it is android project. When i see build report of failed commit, it shows line number which failed, but in reality that line number does not belong to that commit, i have checked github.

Hi @jemshit,

Can you please provide more information? Probably it would be easier if you could contact us via email or the onsite chat on as we’ll need some private information.

In general, build status is reported for build commits (not for PR number or similar), and a build does not know any other commit hash other than the one it was started with, so it’s highly unlikely that the status would be reported for another hash. I believe it’s more likely that the line number did not match the one on the PR because the PR builds are doing a pre-merge of the PR, simulating the code after you’d merge the PR, and not directly testing the source branch.

If this doesn’t help please contact our support as we’ll need more info to do further debugging.

OK, ill write on onsite chat

Thanks! :slight_smile: