Skip/Stop build

Hi, Is it possible to stop a build if no new commits was detected since the last successful build?

Hi @trekco,

Right now this is most likely the best solution: How to programmatically abort instead of fail a build?

Alternatively you can now abort the build using the Bitrise API (Beta): (related discussion topic: API v0.1 (Work In Progress))

Thank you for the response,

Do you plan to add an easy way of doing this in the future?

For now I am only kicking of a build if I push a tag that contains certain text

What do you mean by “easy way”?

We think that using the Bitrise API should be the easy way, or even better if you can use the Trigger Map use it to not even start the build (

If you have a suggestion / if you think something’s missing just let us know, we’re always happy to discuss! :wink: