Report "Passed" to Github for a selective build that has no action

Description of the feature request

If a build is skipped because the only files modified are listed in the Enable Selective Builds section of the App - Settings area, then a GitHub PR with those changes will report:

ci/bitrise/01b9293a3ba62f77/pr Expected — Waiting for status to be reported

This will never change. It would be nice instead if the report was immediately set to Passed:

ci/bitrise/01b9293a3ba62f77/pr Passed

This will allow GitHub repos that are set up to require passing CI before merging to be able to merge without an administrator override.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

We have a section of our build tree that has documents and assets that shouldn’t trigger CI when we modify them. That works great with the Selective Build option added a few months ago. We also have our GitHub repo set up so that only builds that pass CI can be merged.

If we change a document and create a PR, GitHub shows “Expected — Waiting for status to be reported” forever, rather than “Passed”. Thus we have to do an “administrator override” to merge the change.

(FWIW, this was how BuddyBuild implemented their similar feature…)

Hi @eggheadgames,

Thanks for the detailed #feature-request! We are taking note if it and will get back to you here, in the while don’t forget to vote for it!

Given[1], this could also considered to be a bug.


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Thanks for the additional information!

Agree this is a bug. What is the point of selective builds, which are only enabled for Github, when there is no support for a mono-repo requiring a particular bitrise build status. As of now, the standard workflow of requiring tests to pass for a selected app is not possible with selective builds. :frowning: