Provide feature to pause or temporarily disable triggers

Sometimes, I’d like to pause triggers since I know it will fail for some time while other things are getting fixed. I know I can delete all the triggers, but then I have to put them back in once I’m ready for them.

Would be great to have a “pause” button per app / build task


Thanks for the feature request! :wink:

A couple of options in the meantime:

  • If you know that a given commit will fail, you can mark it in the commit message with [skip ci] or [ci skip] to not to start a build at all. More info / related docs.
  • You can download the bitrise.yml from, to have a “backup” of your Triggers (trigger_map in the yml). You can then restore these any time you want to at the same place (app → Workflow tab (workflow editor) → left side: bitrise.yml). The editor in bitrise.yml is an interactive one, so you can replace only the trigger_map section if you want to, or modify it any way you like.
  • You can download the bitrise.yml of any previous build too, so you might not have to create a “backup” at all. You can find the Build’s Bitrise.yml button on the build’s page:
  • If you want to “pause” all triggers for a while, you can also delete or disable the Webhook on your source code hoting provider. GitHub for example have built in disable feature for webhooks.

A new “disable app” option is now available, I believe that should cover the use case you described:

I’ll set an auto-close on this #feature-request, but if there’s still something missing for what you want to do please let us know!


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