Disable job?

Is there no way to disable a job without editing the workflow and deleting all triggers?

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What do you mean by “disable a job”? To not to build an app/project at all?

In Jenkins, there is a checkbox to disable the job. When that’s active, no new executions of that job are scheduled.

If you want to disable builds for an app/project completely, the easiest solution is to disable the webhook which triggers those builds.

E.g. on GitHub you can simply disable the webhook, in other source code hosting services you might have to delete the webhook, if there’s no option to disable it.

Deleting the Triggers from bitrise.io is also an option of course.

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Ok, due to permission issues though our users typically don’t have webhook access. :frowning:

It’d be nice if we could disable the webhook on the bitrise side.


I agree, feel free to create a #feature-requests ! :wink:

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I voted on Provide feature to pause or temporarily disable triggers

Ohh, we had one already, didn’t know, sorry, and thanks for the vote!

P.S. Make sure to click on Vote and not just on like. We monitor both, but vote worth more as you have a limited amount of votes.

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Cool. I voted.


This is now possible with this new feature:

Feel free to comment there if you’d have any questions!

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job will disabled