Avoid "Build trigger failed" spam in activity list

I don’t want to trigger any workflow for particular event e.g. push to a branch matching a given pattern, so I don’t specify any mapping in trigger_map according to the documentation. It works, however, activity list is polluted by messages like

Build trigger failed: trigger-pattern (push_branch:foo) (pr_source_branch:) (pr_target_branch:) (tag:) did not match any defined workflow in trigger_map

Since there is intentionally no trigger for that event I also don’t want failure messages.
Is there any way to prevent them? I haven’t found anything in the docs.

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This is intentional, so that you can debug trigger misconfiguration.

If you absolutely don’t want to start any build for that app automatically (for git events), only manually / using the API, then you can remove the webhook from GitHub/the source code hosting service you use.

But if there’s a webhook which sends events to bitrise.io, right now every event is logged, either with an acknowledgement activity event (triggered a build) or with a “rejection” activity event (build trigger failed), for troubleshooting purposes.

OK, I understand. I need a webhook so I can only suggest adding a feature allowing users to conditionally disable missing trigger events.

Sure, feel free to create a feature request and if it gets enough votes we’ll definitely think about a solution which allows both

OK, just created and up-voted.

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@viktorbenei is that part of bitrise open source? I could not find GitHub repo containing source code with phrases from failure message.

Unfortunately no, that’s part of the website code which is not (yet?) open source.

FYI, I just added a comment to the feature request, though not sure if it should be its own feature request.