Is there a way to control step input dynamically?

Hello, I am new to Bitrise step development.
I’d like to develop a custom step to execute UI tests against the app using our own testing service.
As the service has a lot of complicated properties, I’d like to show/hide input fields according to the user’s current choice.
For example, when the user selects ‘Android’ for target OS, fields for app package and app activity are displayed.

Moreover, we’d like to update value options according to the user’s choice (when the user selects ‘Android’, options for os version input are limited to those of Android)

Is there a way to control such a thing?

Hi @nkns165!

Thanks for raising this question. You do not have this specific option, but you could use a ‘Category’ flag to group inputs (more general, info here: which should help you to create a more understandable and accessible UX for your step! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your response, I will try it.

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