Private Step Inputs

I’m currently developing a new step and i’m not ready to publish it yet. I’m testing it by adding to the bitrise.yml steps “git::” and it works fine. It even adds a step in the workflow UI. My question is: how can i make my input variables visible and editable in the workflow UI?


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Turns out the input variables weren’t visible because my step was in gitlab. When i copied it to github, the Bitrise Workflow UI was able to show my step as planned.

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Glad to hear you managed to figure this out @felipe.leite!

Just a note: if you run the editor locally that’ll show the UI for the step regardless of where it’s hosted; it’ll show it even if it’s hosted on gitlab instead of github.

On though the editor can only show the step UI if:

  • the step is hosted on github
  • or if the step is shared into the step lib and you use the steplib ID of the step

This is because on your own Mac the editor can perform a git clone on the step repo in the background and so it can have access to the step.yml in it, but when you open the editor on we can’t do the git clone there from your browser. In case of GitHub the editor has special support for the URL and simply loads it from .

If you have any questions just let us know! :slight_smile:

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