Is it possible to use other steps in your step?

Is it possible to include another step from bitrise and use it output?

Hi @ned,

Can you please elaborate what you mean?

You can use the output environment variables as input for other steps.

For example there is a step which reads XCode project properties ( and I’m writing a step which add project version & build number as a git tag. To do this I need to parse xcode project file manually and do probably almost the same as in xcode-project-info step.
It would be nice to include source code of xcode-project-info and just call it in my step.

If it sounds too complicated should I just ask users to add xcode-project-info step before mine and provide needed values?

Hi @ned,

Haha, I had this same question when developing my own step!

Unfortunately it’s not possible to use other steps in your step. You could potentially copy the code from the other one (if it’s MIT, etc) but the general idea is to pass inputs and outputs from each step. So if you need multiple functionality, you would need to either have those outputs from other step or break your step up into multiple steps.

If that makes sense. :slight_smile:

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Got it! Thanks for your reply! :slightly_smiling_face:

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