Step containing drop down box

Hi all, good day.
I’m creating a custom step which contains a textbox and a dropdown box.
The textbox will hold the value of a API token, then this API token will be used to consume a RESTFul API to return a list of projects which will be populated in the dropdown box.

Just wondering if its possible?
Or perhaps I am in the wrong direction as bitrise only supports static values now.

Thanks & regards,

Hello there @jeremy-chua :wave:

Although the Workflow Editor is a visually helpful and intuitive way to set up your builds, but it is still a graphic representation of a yml file, meaning that due to it’s nature, it can only work with static values, as you said.

Despite this, you can always submit a Feature Request at, so that our Product Team know that this is something worth considering! :slight_smile:

Thanks Roland!

Stay safe and take care!