Is it possible to downgrade from the "Teams" plan to "Free"?

I’ve got a low-grade project that will mostly have a few builds per month (well within the free plan’s credit allotment). Occasionally (like right now when I’m burning through credits trying to setup the build), I’m not going to have enough credits for the month.

I’m happy paying for a month of “Teams” plan (or some other plan) to get me through the month when I’m going over my 300 credits, and then going back to the free plan after that month. But I want to know if this is even possible? I don’t want to join a “teams” plan only to discover that I’m stuck paying monthly forever when I don’t need it.

Hello @SuperDuperTango :wave:

You can stop your subscription whenever you like, and after the currently paid term expires, your license will revert to the free version :slight_smile:

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