How easy is to change tiers monthly?


We are struggling to choose a plan. We have several applications for which we require new builds for deployments every 2/3 months or so.

On a deployment month we will probably need about 4000/5000 credits (tier 5) but for the rest of the months we are ok with 500/1000 (tier 1/2).

My question is, do apply Tiers automatically and dinamically according to the monthly use? If not, can we get a Tier 1 and change to a higher Tier only for the months we need the extra build credits?

As there is no option to roll over unused build credits, we are concern we would have to stick to a higher tier for the entire year just to make sure we have enough credits for our deployment months.

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You can change plans/tiers as often as you like! I would recommend that you review the information here concerning changing plans/tiers.

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