About the yearly payment plan

We currently use the ELITE plan for monthly payment, but I’m thinking of switching to an annual plan.
Let me ask a couple of questions about annual payment plan.

· If we increase CONCURRENCY in the middle of the period in the annual payment plan, what will be the charge amount?
· Conversely, if CONCURRENCY is decreased during the period, will some fee paid back come back?

that’s all, thank you very much.

Hi @justice3120!

Thanks for raising this question! I don’t believe it has been publicly done before.

The charge amount is always calculated for the number of concurrencies and for the remaining amount of time, of course with the annual discount. Upgrading is prorated so any remaining credits from your subscription period would be discounted from the price.
As far as downgrading goes you would have the resources till the end of the period and only the downgraded concurrency count would be billed upon renewal.

Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any questions :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @bitce

Thank you for answering!
I understood it.

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