Proposition of pricing

Hi Guys,

Thanks for your projects, I use it for a few months. Unfortunately for you, I use it in a free plan because it is enough for my use for now.
I was considering to upgrade the plan, but 50$/month seems a very lot expensive for my superiors, because we only have 1 project.
Actually, I think a plan at 10$/month only to increase the build time would be enough for us, without being overkill.

Hope you will consider that ?

Cheers, and again thanks a lot, bitrise is very attractive :slight_smile:

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Hi @DecaMobile,

Thank you for your kind words and for being in the community! :heart:
We don’t plan to have a pricing plan lower than the $50 one for now, but we are working on something which will allow you to get additional build time.
Till that point there’s the contribution discount - if you share a new step and maintain it you receive $25 off from the Team plan. You can find more info about this here: Bitrise Contributors

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Additionally, you can find more info in these discussions - feel free to add a comment there if you want to! :wink: