iOS Testing: Add the ability to atomically add a testers UDID as part of the public download page's installation steps

Currently whenever we send out builds to our testers via the public install page we have to manually add their UDID to the Apple developer portal or to the Bitrise dashboard. This can be very difficult for some testers who aren’t very technically savvy and requires a lot of back and forth to get their actual UDID and then to add it to the proper provisioning profile.

I have been using BuddyBuild for some time now just because they offer this feature. When I email a build of one of our apps to a device that is not part of the provisioning profile BuddyBuild will automatically capture that users UDID, upload it to the Apple Developer portal, modify the provisioning profile and then provide a user with the build to install. You just need to link your Apple Developer account and enable this feature.

Here is a sample from BuddyBuild on what this looks like in Safari (They are handling it all in the background)

Thanks for the #feature-request @Sean12oshea! :blush:

This would be a great convenience to have for anyone I imagine!

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Yes please! One of the most convenient functions and very underrated.

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Hi, @Sean12oshea
Thanks for the great information. Still unbelievable how it’s possible.
I will try it immediately

Any update on this? I think they get the UUID after the user has installed the buddybuild certificate.

Any updates here? This is HUGE for non technical testers.

Another year later. Any news on this?

Hello everyone, I bumped the priority on this in our Productboard, in hopes that it gets more attention :slight_smile: