Can bitrise provision a testers iOS device automatically

Hi there, is Bitrise able to automatically register a user’s device to the connected Apple developer account if it’s UUID is not already registered? Similarly to how AppCenter and Buddybuild used to handle new devices trying to install a build.

I’ve setup the automatic provisioning step and that’s working, however it would be so much easier to add testers if I didn’t need to ask each for their UUID and manually add it first.



The iOS AutoProvision with AppStore Connect API will register the iOS devices connected to your Bitrise account with Apple using App Store Connect. It pulls a list of devices that are already registered with and then compares the devices associated with you Bitrise account. If there is a device that isn’t registered with Apple, the set will register it.

In version 2.x.x, there is an option you must enable in the step for this to happen, “Should the step register test devices with the Apple Developer Portal?”

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