iOS Auto Provision 1.2.0

I am trying to build IPA (release mode) with automatic signing. I have iOS Auto Provision workflow included. It says the version of 1.2.0 for iOS Auto Provision

I have setup Apple Developer Connection in my Account Settings
Distribution type: app-store
I have my team name selected (Apple Developer Portal Account) in Team tab of my app


Which build Step causes the issue and which version of the step?

iOS Auto Provision v1.2.0

@bitce Can you help me on this? I have spent a day on this

Hey @GeekyAnts!

We started seeing these errors today, and I am not sure but this might be related to Apple’s new Privacy Policy for TestFlight which has taken effect as of today. Have you checked if there is any action you can do in your Developer Portal, as to accept these terms and try again perhaps?

@bitce Is it failing at “iOS Auto Provision” for you? If yes, then can you have this issue created on github? If not, then at which step

I checked in my Developer Portal, nothing on my side to accept

We received other reports, I personally could not re-create this issue -

For this reason, could you allow us Support Access to this app for testing purposes? If that is okay with you, we’d create a separate testing workflow to try to get to the bottom of this.

This is the error I get at iOS Auto Provision step

@bitce ok, I can provide access

Before doing that, can you look into the above screenshot and get an idea what might be the issue?

We’ve did that of course when checking the log :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately the error alone did not get us far, so that is why I was proposing this

Although it is worth mentioning that this issue only seems to be present for public projects so far.

Hi again!

Just to clarify, we have received this same report from you guys on GitHub, so it’s just you guys who are experiencing this error certainly.

I now think that there is some sort of configuration issue still on your end in your Apple Development Account - based on the earlier errors you received when using the “Certificate and Profile Installer” step, and I assume that is what made you migrate to the AutoProvision step.

This might be a lengthy discussion, you might want to consider bringing this to our on-site support chat instead :thinking:

@bitce I dont know about on-site support

No worries! You can actually get to us almost anywhere on the site in the bottom right corner through this button:

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